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Thank you very much for your interest and for visiting us here.

ESCULA GmbH & Co. KG is an export trading company founded in 1998. We have excellent deals on end-of-line and promotional products, as well as products from returns and warehouse overstock. Most of our clients are based in Eastern Europe.

Most of the merchandise we offer stems from the inventories of German companies. We sell retail and wholesale products. We mainly offer products such as footwear, clothing and furniture. Depending on our current supply, we also offer rugs and various appliances.

In addition to 1st quality furniture, 2nd and 3rd quality furniture is also available. Since our offer is changing constantly, the pictures seen on our website should only be used as examples. Thank you for your understanding.

Please observe that we are unable to offer extended payment options and all payments are due either before or at the time of pickup or delivery. If you are seriously interested in our offer, please give us a call!